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Knowledge accumulation, recording and reuse are the vectors of culture, the striking characteristic and differential of the human species, in addition to their biological characteristics. Today’s society is identified, both in academy and in the imagination of the ordinary citizen, as the knowledge society, because of the central role knowledge plays as a catalyst of the production system, generating wealth and promoting citizenship and welfare in society. Wikipedia is the modern version of the Enlightenment ideal of reason, of education and knowledge as mechanisms to achieve a fairer society. The contemporary heir of the “encyclopedia”’s ideals of Diderot and d’Alembert, it is an unprecedented experience, of generation, organization, evaluation, promotion, dissemination and sharing of knowledge openly and for a community wide, disseminated in many countries and in hundreds of languages population.

The goals of the I International Wikipedia Scientific Conference and II Brazilian Wikipedia Scientific Conference are to approximate the Brazilian academic Wikipedia community and the international one, promoting Wikipedia use as a reliable source of knowledge, an educational tool and the object of scholarly research, increase the presence of content in Portuguese in wiki-related scientific events and encourage the exchange of ideas and experience about it in the international academic community.

The I IWSC and II CCBWIKI will accept papers and posters that have Wikipedia as topic, source or mean of dissemination of scientific knowledge or teaching tool. The texts should be in English, Spanish or Portuguese and will be evaluated by members of the Scientific Committee.

The submission period runs until 31 August September 11 2017. The authors will be notified of acceptance or not of its papers until September 30 2017.

Target audience

Teachers, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as others interested in areas of knowledge that produce theoretical-practical reflections on issues related to the universe of Wikipedia and / or the wiki culture.


Recognize Wikipedia as an object of research and development of theoretical-practical applications. Disseminate other Wikimedia projects in the Brazilian academic community. Promote the meeting between researchers, students and professionals working with production and diffusion of free knowledge based on Wikimedia projects. Establish collaborative networks; local, regional, national or even international working groups focused on the production of free knowledge.

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